Advertising campaigns focused solely on your practice generate pay-per-call leads that ring directly to your practice. 

With direct patient leads, we’ll focus in on your location, zeroing in on your zip code, and surpass our call center to give you a greater volume of patient leads.

How it Works



Futuredontics advertising experts will develop a campaign to promote calls directly into your practice. 


We limit direct pay-per-lead campaigns in each zip code based on population density to ensure your practice receives a high volume of calls.   


You’ll only be charged for calls that exceed 90 seconds, providing your staff time to qualify and accept the call. 


Direct Call Leads Dashboard

Your Direct Call Lead Dashboard is your control panel for your pay-per-lead campaign.  

View a list of calls your campaign has generated.

Access recordings of all of your incoming calls. 

Dispute calls you’ve been charged for if they don’t turn into leads. 

Get More Dental Patients Today

Give us a call or submit the form and we'll reach out to you to discuss how Futuredontics can help your practice with patient acquisition. 

We’ll walk you through everything, and you'll see how we’re able to consistently deliver the quality referrals your practice needs to grow.

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Learn More About Direct to Practice Patient Leads

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