From Ordinary to Unforgettable: Making the post-COVID new patient experience unique, safe & exceptional

Featuring Kent Sears, MBA, Founder of Kent Sears Consulting, and Marilee Sears, RDH, Founder and President at Marilee Sears Coaching

Kent Sears and Marilee Sears offer a step-by-step guide to maximizing new patient conversion under the uniquely challenging conditions created by today’s post-COVID world.

Making Up for Lost Time: Maximizing Production in the Post-COVID Era

Featuring Dr. Roger Levin, Founder of Levin Group

Production will be the number one factor that will determine the length, depth, and success of a practice recovery from the COVID-19 crisis. How quickly you and your team adapt to today’s radically changed business environment will impact your practice for years to come.

Dr. Roger Levin offers an insightful look at the best post-COVID strategies for maximizing productive chair time.

What Dental Patients Really Want

Featuring Todd Daum, Co-President/CMO at Futuredontics

This fast-paced presentation reviews the findings of a major, new national survey of consumer trends in dentistry. Over 1,100 dental patients were surveyed to provide answers to critical questions about the best ways to attract and retain new patients.

Highlights include the top 10 factors patients use for selecting a new dentist.

Office Manager Confessions: The Secret Life of Practice Management Professionals

Featuring Fred Joyal, Founder of 1-800-DENTIST and President of The Fred Joyal Company

In this special presentation, 1-800-DENTIST® co-founder Fred Joyal shares the results of a major national survey of office managers’ attitudes on the state of careers in practice management today. You’ll get unique insights on topics that affect the success of your manager and practice.

10 Proven Ways to Stop Patient No-Shows

Featuring Sandy Pardue, Director of Consulting at Classic Practice Resources

Sick and tired of dealing with no-shows and broken appointments? Dental consultant Sandy Pardue has the perfect solution. Learn her secrets for ensuring your schedule is always full, production numbers high and stress levels low. 

7 Fast-Track Ways to Increase Production

Featuring Dr. Roger Levin, Founder of Levin Group

Dental consulting legend Dr. Roger Levin believes every practice has the potential to increase production by 20%. Dr. Levin has helped thousands of dentists grow their practices through his innovative business systems.

He’ll cover how to build a 70% larger dental patient base, close 80% of case presentations, reactivate 35% of your inactive dental patients – and more!

How to Maximize Case Acceptance for Complex Care without Losing Patients to Sticker Shock

Featuring Dr. Paul Homoly, CSP, President of Homoly Communications

Complex care is a tough sell for dentists. Patients go into sticker shock once you tell them a procedure crosses the $3,500 fee threshold. Watch renowned dental consultant Dr. Paul Homoly as he shares his step-by-step guide to increasing acceptance rates for high-production value treatments.